Mar 15, 2021 • 1M

Thank You For Choosing LATCHKEYKID.

We'll be back this spring with all-new adventures.

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Hello, Latchkey Kids!

…Do you think we can make that a thing? Referring to readers as ‘Latchkey Kids?’ Or no? I’m good either way; it’s totally up to you. Just…just think about it. Might be fun. Maybe it’ll grow on you. I may have already spent my stimulus money on merchandise, so please keep that in mind before you cast the idea aside.

Dearest Latchkey Kids, I wanted to quickly say thank you to all the little Latchkey Kids out there who have been reading LATCHKEYKID since our launch this February. The positive feedback, comments and subscriptions from each and every Latchkey Kid have been sincerely appreciated. You crazy Latchkey Kids sure mean a lot to me.

LATCHKEYKID is taking a few weeks off to invest in AMC stock and sweep out the garage. Until then, please enjoy our first wave of essays:

Fight The Greatest Fight.
Revisiting one of my first books, ‘King Kong vs. Godzilla (1989).’

You And Me And Five Bucks.
Paying a visit to the last video rental chain in America.

Colonel Dracula Joins The Navy.
Saying goodbye to satellite TV and going to war with my neighborhood.

Black Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.
Pandemic Punk, Teenage Bottlerocket and the last time I had fun.

The Haunted Bunk Bed Of Horicon.
A tribute to Unsolved Mysteries and two more of my books from 1990.

The Billion Dollar Question.
The forgotten story of the largest cash prize in American Game Show history.

Thanks again, Latchkey Kids. See you soon!